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  • Basic
    Usage-Based Pricing for Hardened Access Controls
    Access to
    • AI-Assisted Monitoring
    • Zero Trust Segmentation
    • Policy-as-Code
    • Integrations
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    Usage-Based Pricing for Universal Zero Trust Access
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    • Risk-Based MFA
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Managed Gateways
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Zero Trust from campus to cloud

Usage-Based Pricing for
Hardened Access Controls
Usage-Based Pricing for
Universal Zero Trust Access
Google Cloud
Palo Alto
Network Metrics
Network Flow
AI-Assisted SLA Monitoring
Zero Trust Policy-as-Code
SSO Integrations
SSH Access
HTTPS Access
RDP Access
SQL Access
Session Recordings
Risk-Based Multi-Factor Authentication
SQL Access
Role-Based Access Control
Zero Trust Segmentation
Managed Cloud Gateway
Managed Campus Gateway

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Frequently asked questions

Lumeus.ai is a Agentless Zero Trust Networking. Organizations can use Lumeus to monitor and detect escalations using AI; segment traffic to prevent lateral movement; and secure user access by extending MFA and Zero Trust to network infrastructure all with one unified management plane.
Lumeus has a cloud management portal that connects to your infrastructure via API. We then stitch the context across various telemetry to provide insights on network activity and escalate any anomalies. Teams can then leverage our Software Gateways in the cloud either managed by Lumeus or bring them on-premise, to a campus data center as an example, to provide Zero Trust security for East-West and North-South Traffic. You can learn more at our Docs here.
Definitely! We can schedule a demo at the time that works best for you here.

Most of our customers find they can start with Lumeus.ai on day 1. Our team is available to assist in any way. Still have questions? Contact us at [email protected].

Companies that use Okulis see the following benefits:
  • Achieve up to 50% cost savings due to reduced ingress and east-west infrastructure footprint
  • Provision Zero Trust Network Access in less than a day with no agents or hardware installations needed
  • Consolidate up to 3 management consoles and unify policy
  • Meet security requirements from emerging compliance regulations
You learn more at our solutions page here.
Agentless means no software agents or hardware installations are needed for your Endpoints, Devices, or Applications. This approach simplifies deployment, is less-invasive, and is lightweight to maintain.
Easy! Contact us at [email protected].
Great question! Please contact us for a 1:1 consultation on how we can assist. Also, follow along on our social channels.