Defending against
Royal Ransomware

Adopt Visibility-First Zero Trust Networking to mitigate and reduce risk of a Royal ransomware attack

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Mitigate emerging ransomware threats

The FBI and CISA recently published a Cybersecurity Advisory on an emerging attack vector – Royal ransomware.

Organizations must take action now to protect critical applications, devices, and infrastructure from Royal ransomware attacks. Read about the recommended mitigations and how Okulis protects organizations from attack.

Content Preview:

  • Cybersecurity Advisory
    Read about the warning from the FBI and CISA to learn about commons TTPs and IOCs of a Royal attack
  • Royal Ransomware
    Learn what differentiates a Royal attack, how they are entering networks, and the effects an attack can have
  • Target Industries
    Royal attackers are after critical sectors, including but not limited to Manufacturing, Communications, Healthcare, and Education
  • CSA Mitigations
    Explore the recommendations from the FBI and CISA to mitigate against Royal attack vectors
  • Okulis Solution
    For each of the mitigations, explore how implementing Visibility-First Zero Trust Networking hardens defense
  • #StopRansomware
    Adopt modern network security practices and access controls to stop ransomware attacks

Defend against Royal
ransomware attacks today