Secure Access for
Hybrid Organizations

Okulis helps organizations reduce risk and mitigate breach losses through universal zero trust access

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Unify connectivity and control

Securing hybrid access has been a challenge for years, but the recent proliferation of distributed connections has expanded the risk landscape for IT and Security teams.

Organizations must adopt proper access controls and unified management to reduce security risk and mitigate breach losses.

Content Preview:

  • Hybrid Complexity
    Read about the challenges for hybrid organizations – evolving threats, breach losses, and compliance mandates
  • Universal ZTA
    Learn about Universal Zero Trust Access and how it compares to hardware and cloud-based solutions
  • Access Requirements
    As threat vectors have evolved their approach, hybrid organization must adapt their access controls
  • Visualize Network
    See how to monitor activity without the need for additional software agents and hardware installations
  • Authorize Access
    Leverage Universal Zero Trust Network Access to properly control access to data, applications, and devices
  • Segment Traffic
    Organizations can improve uptime and reduce breach effects by isolating network components

Unify connectivity
and control today