Introduction to Visibility-First Zero Trust Networking

The Next Era of Connectivity and Control

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Harden access in the hybrid era

Today we operate in a hyperconnected world; dispersed users are accessing our critical applications, data, and devices across cloud and edge environments.

Authorizing proper access has never been more important to safeguard critical infrastructure and protect sensitive user data.

Content Preview:

  • Visualize Network
    See how to monitor activity without the need for additional software agents and hardware installations
  • Authorize Access
    Leverage Universal Zero Trust Network Access to properly control access to data, applications, and devices
  • Segment Traffic
    Organizations can improve uptime and reduce breach effects by isolating network components
  • Hybrid Access Complexities
    Learn why providing access over hybrid environments bottlenecks organizations
  • Evolving Threat Landscape
    Visualize the effects malicious threat vectors are having on hybrid environments
  • Compliance
    Understand how to adopt hardened access controls as mandates demand urgent response

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