Acme implements an intelligent web gateway with AI content analysis. This allows granular control of generative AI based on context, unlike the previous blanket blocks.

Now John can access permitted AI assistants through the corporate gateway. When he attempts to submit confidential code, the gateway blocks it after scanning the content. However, John can safely use the AI for generalized documentation generation by providing abstract comments and requirements instead.

Enabling controlled AI access improves John's productivity at work again. The content-aware protections ensure he cannot accidentally expose Acme's IP to the generative models. With the new solution, productivity and security are both enhanced.

The gateway balances access and risk intelligently by evaluating content dynamically. This is superior to the previous approach of completely blocking AI due to security concerns while impeding productivity.

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  • Lower Cost

    $120/usr/yr vs. $500/user/yr

  • Simpler

    One Unified Console vs. Three Consoles

  • LLM-based content inspection

    LLM-Based vs. Regex Based

How it works?

How it works

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