After adopts a nuanced approach, steering clear of blanket blocking and providing tailored access precision.

The advantages are clear:

  • Context-aware access without rigid rules
  • Precision in access tailored to user needs
  • Minimal data exposure for reduced risk
  • Enhanced security without productivity hindrance
  • Continuous AI improvement through learning

Whether for employees, contractors, or third-party apps, our solution propels just-in-time access to the forefront, defining a new era of secure and efficient cloud access control.


  • Lower Cost

    $120/usr/yr vs. $500/user/yr

  • Simpler

    One Unified Console vs. Three Consoles

  • LLM-based content inspection

    LLM-Based vs. Regex Based

How it works?

How it works

Unlock Zero Trust Gateway
for Cloud and LLM Access