With our zero trust gateway, Acme Healthcare can secure database access without the complexity. When developer Jane Doe needs to troubleshoot an issue in production, the gateway allows her access only to the specific accounts and tables related to her ticket. Real-time data masking prevents any unauthorized exposure of sensitive fields.

Later, auditor Joe Smith requests an access report. The unified logs within the gateway show him exactly who accessed which rows in the patients table over a given timeframe without any manual correlation. He can see that the gateway allowed access requests only after verifying Jane's identity, authorization, and context.

When new compliance requirements arrive, Acme's DBAs simply update the central gateway policies. Data masking and controls are adjusted without having to configure each database separately. Acme's CISO rests easy knowing their database security is now preventative, context-aware, and streamlined with our unified zero trust gateway.

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  • Lower Cost

    $120/usr/yr vs. $500/user/yr

  • Simpler

    One Unified Console vs. Three Consoles

  • LLM-based content inspection

    LLM-Based vs. Regex Based

How it works?

How it works

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